First Official Preschool Day!

September 16th, 2013 | admin

First day of preschool.  Even though Z has been going there with Amy and myself for a couple of weeks now, today was her first 'official' day.  So far so good!  So proud of my confident little preschooler!

First day of preschool. Even though Z has been going there with Amy and myself for a couple of weeks now, today was her first ‘official’ day. So far so good! So proud of my confident little preschooler!

Summer photos

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Zoe’s buddies

July 14th, 2013 | admin

Zoe is making some friends!  Reuben, who comes in twice a week, is her BFF and another great train aficionado   Lately she also befriended Skye, a girl from Z’s tumbling class.

zoe skye

Confused by a 'zen fountain'

Confused by a ‘zen fountain’

On the 'bumpy wall' with Reuben

On the ‘bumpy wall’ with Reuben

zoe playground

Zoe’s acrobatics at a playground

Train buddies

Train buddies

Playdoh session with Reuben

Playdoh session with Reuben

Z and Skye testing the new mulch at the playground... pensively.

Z and Skye testing the new mulch at the playground… pensively.


Mmm bagels

June 15th, 2013 | admin

Zoe really likes bagels.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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More photos

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Flood of photos

March 26th, 2013 | admin

Attempting a post from my iPhone.. Just a variety if recent photos.













Hike in Briones – testing mobile uploads

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Hiking in Oakland

December 14th, 2012 | admin

We are finally all moved in (minus the stack of boxes in the storage/laundry room and in the office/bedroom). Time to post the backlog of photos. Of course, all photos older than 3 weeks ago have been permanently deleted from my phone which has experienced close contact with Z’s water bottle, so these are the latest ones.

Another growth spurt, and we suddenly have a critical conversationalist on our hands. She talks in sentences, makes choices, brushes her own teeth, sings songs, and is full of opinions (that is, even more full of opinions than usual). She wears a pony tail and (sometimes) eats with a spoon. She is beginning to realize that pacifiers are not forever (but is not yet convinced and needs to conduct more research on that one).

We’ve been going on hikes up to Oakland hills.  Here is the proof.


Zoe’s first encounter with a payphone. Funny to think that she doesn’t think of this thing as ‘phone’. But gladly listens to an automatic free prayer (conveniently available by dialing 12. 11 gets you a firetruck.)


Oh, I get it. It’s like a phone but is bulky, attached to some metal box, doesn’t have touch-screen button, and you have to put silver thingies in there to talk. Hmm, I guess I still don’t get it…


Eskimo children ride on their parents’ backs through the woods, pointing out mushrooms


Ladybugs convention. In countries inclined to view everything through a lens of mysticism (read: Russia), this would have been immediately interpreted as a sign of the world ending.



Robot toddler on a hike. Must get mushroom. Get mushroom. Get…


The Gang + The Mushroom


Must. Get. Mushroom.


Yellow Mud (Fire)Road

Hike up in the hills

December 2nd, 2012 | admin

Last weekend, when the weather was good, we dusted off our hiking gear and went up to the Oakland hills for a hike.  Zoe hiked a good chunk of it, too.  Saw some horses, lots of mushrooms, Pilot ran around finding loose tennis balls in the bushes… good times, a small reminder of our former hikes.

Taking a break on a tree stump


more sitting on the stump photos


Zoe pretends to be an airplane.  In her world, airplanes flap their wings and are flown by dogs wearing pilot hats.  We are not trying to convince her otherwise just yet…