Hike up in the hills

December 2nd, 2012 | admin

Last weekend, when the weather was good, we dusted off our hiking gear and went up to the Oakland hills for a hike.  Zoe hiked a good chunk of it, too.  Saw some horses, lots of mushrooms, Pilot ran around finding loose tennis balls in the bushes… good times, a small reminder of our former hikes.

Taking a break on a tree stump


more sitting on the stump photos


Zoe pretends to be an airplane.  In her world, airplanes flap their wings and are flown by dogs wearing pilot hats.  We are not trying to convince her otherwise just yet…



One Response to “Hike up in the hills”

  1. Почему-то вспомнилась кепка “Аэродром”:))) – глядя на Зоину панамку).
    Ничего-ничего, скоро вы будете просить присесть, а Зояка будет вас тащить дальше в лес!!

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