Zoe’s buddies

July 14th, 2013 | admin

Zoe is making some friends!  Reuben, who comes in twice a week, is her BFF and another great train aficionado   Lately she also befriended Skye, a girl from Z’s tumbling class.

zoe skye

Confused by a 'zen fountain'

Confused by a ‘zen fountain’

On the 'bumpy wall' with Reuben

On the ‘bumpy wall’ with Reuben

zoe playground

Zoe’s acrobatics at a playground

Train buddies

Train buddies

Playdoh session with Reuben

Playdoh session with Reuben

Z and Skye testing the new mulch at the playground... pensively.

Z and Skye testing the new mulch at the playground… pensively.


One Response to “Zoe’s buddies”

  1. Honni says:

    These are great pics! Those two are so cute together. I love the pick from the “bumpy” wall~

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