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Hike in Briones – testing mobile uploads

February 24th, 2013 | admin


Zoe Goes Camping

July 14th, 2012 | admin

We took Zoe on her second camping trip last weekend. This one was to Sequoia National Park. She had a great time, and saw lots of new animals (marmots! rainbow trout! birds!). However, she slept right through the black bear visits to the camp despite her affinity for bears. Once Zoe had ingested a sufficient quantity of Sierra dust, we headed home looking forward to our next trip.


It took her 5 seconds to go from clean clothes to this.

Zoe behaved herself in the carrier for most of the hikes, and even took a nap or two while we walked.

Despite our pleading, Zoe considered this entire region of the Sierras her personal sandbox.




See Zoe Dance..

February 26th, 2012 | admin

…right here!


Zoe’s First Birthday

February 18th, 2012 | admin

Zoe spent her first birthday in Kona, Hawaii. Hearing her relatives sing a song for her she decided to sing her very own version, while she iced her #1 candle. See the video below.

The Andromeda Strain

January 27th, 2012 | admin

Lest the photos of Zoe running around give an unbalanced view, we must disclose that Zoe has been fighting off a huge number of minor illnesses this winter. Things started in November, just after we started to get smug about sticking with breastfeeding (isn’t it wonderful she hasn’t had many colds!).

Then this happened:

  • Cold/Flu (sore throat + snot)
  • Cold (snot + cough)
  • Norovirus! (not fun!)
  • Cold (“normal cold”)
  • Cold / Bronchitis thing
  • Cold / Sinus / Throat thing
  • Double Ear Infection


The irony is that we took poor Zoe to the doctor several times because we thought she had an ear infection, but each time learned that her ears were fine. Then this week, we go in for an appointment we had made when she was visibly quite sick. On the day of the visit, she suddenly seems to be fine:  happy, eating, and sleeping better too. I was worried that we were wasting our Dr’s time by going, but since we have some travel planned next week we thought we should get her checked out.


Surprise! Massive ear infection. So she’s on antibiotics and thankfully seems to be improving.

Sleep Training, Solids, Giraffes, and Wolf Fur

July 17th, 2011 | admin

All of that, in one short week.

We have now decided to step up our <previously non-existent> sleep training efforts.  After much discussion, we settled on a gradual, gentle system that would emphasize routine and minimize crying.  Last night we crammed in all the major sleep training systems, resulting in a 20-page PowerPoint deck, put together by my better-organized half.  So we have a system to live by for now, and in 2 short days we are already seeing a huge improvement.  It looks like Zoe thrives on routine, and while we don’t, we’ll just have to keep things on the schedule for now.  On the upside, this way we are more likely to get some sleep.

Zoe is now eating solids once a day.  Though those solids don’t really look solid at all – mushy banana and watery rice cereal.  She does love grabbing the spoon and shoving it into her mouth.  It’s double-fun if we are having our breakfast cereal at the same time with her – she is mesmerized by watching people eat.


David and Zoe heading out for a little walk around the hood (to acquire a ‘blankie’, or a ‘lovey’ at the neighborhood toy store).  David let Zoe choose her own lovey, and, not surprisingly, she picked a giraffe.  Looks like giraffe is just her animal.  Half of the toys she has are giraffes. Maybe it’s time to take her to a zoo and show her a real one.


Gangster sign on the way to get a lovey?

We went on an urban hike today to Castro, Buena Vista park and just around the hood.  Zoe has finally ‘discovered’ Pilot – that is, she discovered that his fur is great to grab at.  We are trying to gently discourage her from that, pointing out that patting Pilot is much more fun and less likely to result in babies getting injured, but not with much success.  Poor Pilot and Pixel have no idea what’s coming at them pretty soon.  Baby Godzilla is not that far away from crawling…


And a token photo of Ripa with her wards in their knit hats:

June Recap

July 1st, 2011 | admin

Oh boy… keeping up with the blog has been a bit difficult with everything going on.  Here is a quick recap of the month, with plenty of pictures.  Some are from David’s Flickr photostream (he always has much nicer, hi-rez artistic photos which are so much better than my phone camera snaps):

First, we went to Sonoma to visit Jonathan and Andrea.  Twice.  Two consecutive weekends.  We liked it that much.  Zoe was a champ, slept well, allowed us to have evening dinner fun with friends, and successfully appropriated the entire bed (as usual).

There was this battered American flag stretched above the bed in the cottage. Zoe’s new swimsuit matched it perfectly which lead to a series of very patriotic photos:

Then, as soon as we got back from Sonoma, it was time for a much bigger trip – Maui! Zoe’s first plane trip there and back went much smoother than we would have anticipated, even though our original flight from SFO was rescheduled for the next day. Z was such a champ, no crying on the take-off or descent, and the baby hammock made it even easier. She also seemed to have fun at the airports, not a cry, but lots of looking around, esp. at other kids.


One perk of having a baby in tow at an airport is access to an exclusive nursery room. Ok, it’s no VIP lounge but nevertheless, we enjoyed half an hour of complete privacy in the middle of the United terminal.

We stayed in the Napili Bay area which is just a perfect family destination. We quickly realized that we had to curb our outdoorsy appetites because as much as Z seems to be ok with the plane travel, she is not a fan of driving (who likes being stuck in a car seat for hours anyway?).  So we took turns snorkeling with honus and swimming in the bay, and watched Star Trek Voyager while having romantic dinners on lanai… Probably puzzling our neighbors a lot.

Coming back to SF, we finally arrived in what is arguably the best weather we’ve had in a year! As Z can’t wear the sunscreen yet and I have developed some odd sun sensitivity, we both are now sporting hats, Hamptons-style:

Zoe is developing more and more, and is now able to sit supported (while digging into her toys with her still toothless gums):

She also graduated to the ‘grown-up’ configuration of the big stroller:

Lastly, we’ve survived our first business trip – well, David’s first business trip to Atlanta. Zoe and I were by ourselves for 3 nights. Our nanny Ripa was instrumental in keeping things normal and allowed me to take care of other things for a few hours a day. She also helped me give Zoe a bath:

And just like that, June came to an end. Today, on the 1st of July we got a preview of our new upcoming adventure – teething! Fasten your seatbelts…

The First Month-a-versary!

March 6th, 2011 | admin

My babycakes is a big girl now!  I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks already (or – only 4 weeks??)

This has been the most unusual month ever for us, I think.  From the adventure of the birth (labeled in the hospital papers as ‘spontaneous precipitous’) to the first easy day at the hospital filled with Oxytocin and free help from nurses to settling back at home and realizing that the baby doesn’t come with a manual, to our struggles with breastfeeding and having our days and nights blurred into hazy sleep-deprived stretches defined by Z’s chaotic sleeping patterns.

Zoë went from 7lb 11oz (birth weight) down to 7lb 1oz, and then promptly regained her weight and is now almost 9lb.  She also added an inch (I think) of height (or, more appropriately for someone who isn’t standing yet, length).  She is getting used to us and we are getting used to her.  We are now a little better of reading her cues and can almost tell if she is hungry, wet, tired, or just messin’ with us.

As rookie parents, we’ve been on a steep learning curve this past month.  We went from not really knowing to pick up or hold a baby (she looks so fragile – what if I break something?!) to comfortably tossing her around to each other like a football (ok, slight exaggeration).  We’ve lost sleep and track of days, but also had lots of good laughs (sorry Zoë – the laughs were mainly at your expense :))

She is getting bigger and stronger every day, and sometimes, especially after those dreaded growth spurts, we can almost see her changing overnight.  She looks less like a chubby hamster now and more like a chubby baby.


Zoë is also becoming more interactive every day. She is beginning to connect facial expressions to emotions, and we have seen some smiles here and there (promptly replaced by suspicious frowns as soon as we start cheering).  She is now grabbing whatever is within her reach (fingers, David’s glasses, her pacifier, etc.) and has developed a particular knack for hitting Daddy in the jaw and kicking him in the ribs.

This has been a month of adjustment, and according to many parents, this may have been the toughest time (or was that puberty with its zits and nihilistic behavior?).  It also has been a month of ‘firsts’ – first trip in the car, first bath, first nail trim, first walk in a sling/ergo/stroller, first cafe outing, even first baby acne!

David says that after month one a baby is not a ‘newborn’ anymore but an ‘infant’.  Congratulations, Zoë, you graduated from ‘newbornship’ with flying colors!  We are looking forward to month #2!

First Lunch Outing

March 1st, 2011 | admin

Big day for Zoe (and her confused inexperienced parents):  today we took a trip to Golden Gate Park with Zoe and Pilot, and on the way there had lunch at Chow in Inner Sunset.  Zoe was a champ and slept right through in the car seat installed on top of an overturned high chair (a trick that waiters at Chow often use for car seats).

Then we went on a short walk in the park with Zoe in her Ergo carrier, and suddenly she got all shifty and upset. Turned out it was a wet diaper.  We found a sunny grassy spot dotted with flowers and changed the diaper right there.  Ok, maybe not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but felt like a major step to mobility to us – we proved to ourselves that we can change a diaper out in the wild (sort of).

Monday Chores

February 28th, 2011 | admin

Unlike most days, today we managed to fit several activities into one day:

First, I went to see my doctor and deal with 2 stitches that popped up, causing quite a bit of pain.  All good but banned from all exercise, including yoga, for the next 3 weeks (sad :((.  On the bright side, it was my first outing without Zoë, and it felt strange and so simple to be going around without a baby (no diapers/bottles/wipes/pacifiers/million other things, just my wallet and phone…)

Second, I finally cut those long fashionable nails that Zoe was born with.  Turns out it’s pretty easy to give this girl a manicure – she just needs to be asleep for her spa treatment.

Third, we all geared up and went to see our doula Beth at Natural Resources and ask her advice on how to properly wear Zoe in the Moby wrap and our Ergo baby carrier.  I think we made some progress there, and we also saw someone from our KP childbirth prep class with her 2 week old.  This is her second baby, and looking at her pro moves, we felt like total plunkers in the babyland, still shaky on basic things.  To feel better about ourselves as parents, we then went to Anthony’s Cookies, conveniently located right next door to NR.

Lastly, David had his first solo outing with Zoe and went to visit our friend Rama next door.  Triple benefit:  mama gets 20 min of quiet time;  David gets to go see his friend and get some fresh air;  Zoe forgets what she was fussing about, falls asleep and might even last that way through dinner (keeping my fingers crossed).